The road we travel is equal in importance to the destination we seek.  There are no shortcuts.  When it comes to truth and reconciliation, we are all forced to go the distance.
– Justice Murray Sinclair, Truth and Reconciliation Commission


Truth and Reconciliation Day: September 30th

Almonte Old Town Hall

Mississippi Mills All My Relations (MMAMR) has been invited by the Mississippi Mills Mayor, to work with the municipality to hold a simple candle light vigil with readings on September 30th to mark Truth and Reconciliation Day.  While this day in the past has focused on the legacy of Residential Schools and called “Orange Shirt Day,” of course our history shows that there are many other injustices that Canada has perpetrated against Indigenous peoples in the name of nation building and assimilation.  For example, to start with, Canadians totally ignored the Royal Proclamation of 1763 and Treaty of Niagara in 1764 between Indigenous Peoples and the British Crown. It had affirmed that no land would be settled without their agreement, that the settlers would walk side by side with Indigenous Peoples and not interfere with their respective approaches to governance.  This understanding was documented with the Treaty of Niagara Covenant Chain Wampum Belt.