Who Are We?

We are all treaty people.
Eddie Benai, Seven Fires Prophecy in the Mishomis Book: The Voice of the Ojibway

Elder William Commanda, up until his death, was the keeper of the three figure welcoming wampum belt from the 16th century. This belt inscribes the understanding of Indigenous Peoples about the sharing of their native land and their values with the newcomers: the English and the French.

Mississippi Mills All My Relations is a concerned group of community members living in the area who recognize that we have a responsibility to help restore what was once a relationship of trust and friendship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples in our country.

Our mission is to respond to the calls to action outlined by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in a respectful, concrete, doable way. We know that the relationship between the Indigenous and Immigrant Peoples is complicated and the political, social and economic challenges are still many. However, we are confident that across our land many good things are happening, neighbour to neighbour, and we believe that by working together at the grassroots level, these many efforts will lead gradually to a fruitful, vital future for all our children.

To do this, we first educate ourselves about why and how our original relationship has changed over the past seven generations.  Secondly, we reflect thoughtfully together on the impact that this history has had on both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples and allow the shared truths that emerge to provide common ground and sense of connection. Finally, we find ways to take action together in formed by these truths to help create a fruitful, sustainable, vital future for all our relations.

The earth is yours, O Giver of Life, in all its fullness and glory, the world and all those who dwell therein; for you have founded it upon the seas and established it upon the rivers.

– King David of Israel, from Psalm 24


Photo © Romola Thumbadoo